2015 In Videos

Best Friends

In 2015 I went through an collected all the random video footage I have of my family and put them in to monthly videos. I finally finished making the last one (June) as a gift for Luke for his birthday earlier in the year, and so I finally have a complete set to share! I have not even STARTED on any of these videos for 2016, but that’s okay. I will certainly do them when life slows down a little!

I love watching our holidays in this way, and watching my belly grow and grow with Ahava inside. I love remembering the little things we did and loved.

Even though I share these videos, I do make sure that I don’t edit out parts that are important to us and our story just because they might be “boring” to strangers watching. My primary audience will always be Luke, me and our children. The boys love to sit down and watch all of these, and that makes me feel really proud, and happy to be contributing to their family story building in this way.













reeve peach planning - during the seder

Day In The Life // Erev Pesach

Erev Pesach – meaning the day before Passover. A busy day for sure, because of all the stuff you need to do in preparation for the seder that night. Thankfully this year I had my brains about me, and I was pretty organised. Living with three...

3 month old baby

Dear Ahava // Three Months

Dear Ahava, Who are you my dear? Cuddly, joyful, playful. Beautiful, for sure. Strong and with a certain wisdom in your eyes. Patient with your bothers too, which is handy! What did we get up to while you were 2 months old? Well, we had Purim. You...

chocolate covered dessert matzah

Dessert Matzah

  Oh yum! Dessert matzah! This is a great (super easy) dessert to make for your Passover Seder, or even just one of the nights during Feast of Unleavened Bread. It is so easy, I can’t even write up a regular recipe for it. You’ll...

DIY kids felt seder plate

DIY Kids Felt Seder Plate

Passover is fast approaching! We’ve been doing a heap of fun crafts and activities this week in preparation, but this one is one of my favourites! There is something so rewarding about making tiny felt food! I will treasure this seder plate...